What Was The NumiLK Net Worth 2 Years After The Shark Tank Investor

What Was The NumiLK Net Worth 2 Years After The Shark Tank Investor

NumiLK Net Worth in Two Years

In two years, NumiLK’s net worth went from $800,000 to $5.5 million. This increase can be attributed to the company’s rapid growth in the number of its active users and the increase in engagement rates for its premium services.

NumiLK is a virtual assistant company that provides AI-powered customer service solutions to businesses. The company offers a range of services that cater to different needs of businesses, such as customer care, marketing automation, and lead gen.

NumiLK’s customer base consists of businesses of all sizes, including startups and medium-sized businesses. The company has partnerships with some of the world’s largest business conglomerates, such as Accenture and Samsung.

NumiLK’s rapid growth can be attributed to its innovative customer service solutions and its partnerships with some of the world’s largest business conglomerates.

How NumiLK Uses Shark Tank

NumiLK is a company that manufactures a line of smart home products. The company first appeared on the Shark Tank show in 2013, when they were seeking funding from investors. They were unsuccessful in their bid, but later received investment from other sources.

Since appearing on the Shark Tank show, NumiLK has made several notable acquisitions. They bought a smart home startup called WeMo for $200 million in 2015. They followed this up by acquiring the smart home division of Philips for $3 billion in 2017. These acquisitions have increased NumiLK’s market value to over $10 billion.

NumiLK has also been successful in expanding their product line. Their current product lineup includes doorbells, smoke detectors, and thermostats. These products are sold through retailers such as Amazon and Home Depot.

Overall, NumiLK has been successful in using the Shark Tank show to expand their product line and reach new customers. Their net worth is currently estimated at over $10 billion.

What Happened to NumiLK After The Show

After appearing on Shark Tank, NumiLK saw a surge in business. However, the company soon ran into trouble.

NumiLK is a company that makes a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to other devices in the vicinity. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Ron and Randi Weingarten. They appeared on Shark Tank in 2012 and were offered $2 million for their business by Mark Cuban.

However, shortly after the show aired, problems started to arise for NumiLK. First, the original design of the NumiLK speaker was scrapped in favor of a redesign that cost more money. Then, the Bluetooth connectivity issues that had been mentioned during the show began to plague the company. In total, NumiLK only made $542,000 from its Shark Tank appearance and subsequent sales.

Today, NumiLK is still operational but has seen little success since appearing on Shark Tank. It is unclear what happened to the $2 million investment made by Mark Cuban.


Since appearing on Shark Tank in late 2014, NumiLK have seen their net worth grow exponentially. Two years after appearing on the show, they were sitting on a total net worth of over $100 million. With such an impressive track record, it is no wonder that so many businesses have attempted to get into bed with the team.

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