Anyone know what happened to Movieorca?

Anyone know what happened to Movieorca?

What is Movieorca?

Movieorca is an online movie database and video rental service. It was launched in May of 2007 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Movieorca offers a database of more than 2 million movies and TV shows, as well as a video rental service with more than 10,000 titles. Users can search for movies by title, actor, director, or genre. Movieorca also offers a monthly subscription service that includes access to new releases and past seasons of popular TV shows.

What happened to Movieorca?

It seems that Movieorca, the website and online movie guide, is no more. The site was last updated in November of 2017, but since then there have been no new posts or updates. Fans of the site are left wondering what happened to it.

Some speculate that the site may have been sold or closed down due to low traffic or lack of updates. Others think that the site may have simply been abandoned and left to die. Whatever the case may be, Movieorca fans will miss this unique resource for movie information.

Movieorca Review: “A Universe Made In Your Own Image.”

The blog section for the article is about a site that former users claim disappeared without a trace. It seems as though the site went offline sometime in early 2017, leaving many users wondering what happened to their account and movie listings. Although no one can say for sure, it’s possible that Movieorca just went out of business. In any case, we hope that whoever owns the site comes back online soon!

Movieorca: Is The Site Still Going? was a website owned and operated by Movieorca, LLC. which provided movie information and news. The site went offline on August 18, 2017. However, as of February 2019 the site is still up and running.

It is unknown what happened to the site, but it is possible that it may have been acquired by another company or shut down permanently for financial reasons. Regardless of its fate, Movieorca will always be remembered for its impressive collection of movie trailers and movie news.


Apparently, Movieorca is no longer in operation. I used to enjoy using their stock images for my blog posts, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from them.

Although the site is currently up and running, it’s unknown what happened to the website or its owner. Hopefully, they will be able to revive the site in some way in the future.

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