What’s 924 Bel Air Road, And How Does It Play Into The 1966 Film “The Butler”?

What's 924 Bel Air Road, And How Does It Play Into The 1966 Film "The Butler"?

What is Bel Air Road?

Bel Air Road is a street that is featured in the film “The Butler.” It is located in Los Angeles, California.

Bel Air Road plays a significant role in the film. It is the location where the White House butler, Cecil Gaines, lives. Cecil is a key character in the story, and his life changes drastically as a result of events that take place on Bel Air Road.

Bel Air Road is also home to several important people in the history of Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and Warren Beatty all lived on or near Bel Air Road. These celebrities have had a significant impact on American culture, and their homes are still well-known and popular tourist destinations today.

The Butler Anatomy

Bel Air Road is a famous street in Los Angeles that is featured prominently in the film “The Butler.” The street is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Los Angeles, and it is also where many of the scenes for the movie were filmed.

Bel Air Road plays an important role in the plot of “The Butler.” It is where Cecil Gaines (Rob Marshall, who also directed “Chicago”) lives. Cecil is the butler for four Presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. Cecil is also a key figure in the civil rights movement, and he helps to pave the way for equality for black Americans.

Bel Air Road is a popular tourist destination, and it is often used as a backdrop for movies and TV shows. It was also used for filming parts of “The Revenant,” which won multiple Oscars this year.

The Butler’s Connection to Bel Air Road

Bel Air Road is a prominent road in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles, California, which plays an important role in the 2013 film “The Butler”.

Bel Air Road is prominently featured in the movie as it is where Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) lives. Cecil is the white butler who served President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family during World War II. He later serves Richard Nixon and members of the Kennedy family. The road is also where he attends the funeral of John F. Kennedy.

Bel Air Road is also significant for its association with Hollywood. Many famous movie stars have lived on or had their pictures taken on Bel Air Road, including Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall.

What Does the Future Hold for Bel Air Road?

Bel Air Road is a scenic road in Los Angeles that has played a major role in the film “The Butler”. The road runs through Bel Air and features many of the city’s most famous landmarks, such as the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel and the Rodeo Drive shopping district.

The Butler tells the story of Cecil Gaines, who worked for several presidents of the United States. Gaines retired from his job as butler at the White House in 1974, and moved to Bel Air Road. The film follows his journey as he adjusts to life outside of the White House and explores the sights and sounds of his new home.

Bel Air Road has been featured in several movies over the years, but “The Butler” is perhaps its most famous incarnation. The popularity of the film has led to increased traffic on Bel Air Road, which can be a bit challenging for drivers. However, it’s still one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful roads.


In 1966, the film “The Butler” was released and it starred Sidney Poitier as Cecil Gaines, the butler of a White House in Washington, D.C. 924 Bel Air Road is where Cecil lives and works. It’s also where he meets his future wife (Sandra Dee) and has his children with her. The Butler inspired a movie sequel in 2009 which was also released on DVD at 924 Bel Air Road. If you’re curious about what happened to the house that served as the backdrop for one of Hollywood’s most iconic films, stop by 924 Bel Air Road and take a walk around!

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