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Kerry Katona’s Biggest Mistake: Why The Made In Chelsea Star Shouldn’t Have Got Married

Kerry Katona's Biggest Mistake: Why The Made In Chelsea Star Shouldn't Have Got Married

Kerry Katona’s marriage to George Kay

Kerry Katona‘s marriage to George Kay was a mistake for a number of reasons. Firstly, the couple had only been dating for a few months when they got married. This is not enough time to get to know someone properly and can often lead to problems further down the line. Secondly, Kerry was already mother to five children from her previous marriages and George was step-father to them. This created a lot of tension within the family and put a strain on the relationship. Finally, Kerry and George had very different personalities and lifestyles, which made it difficult for them to compromise on things. Consequently, their marriage ended in divorce after just 14 months.

The problems in their relationship

When Kerry Katona married the former rugby player, she was only 22 years old and already had two young daughters. The relationship was plagued with problems from the start, with both partners suffering from mental health issues and drug addiction.

Katona has spoken openly about the problems in their relationship, saying that they would often fight and that her husband was physically abusive towards her. In 2009, Katona filed for divorce after suffering a miscarrriage. However, the couple reconciled and got back together.

In 2011, Katona’s husband was arrested for assaulting her during a drunken argument. This led to another divorce, which was finalised in 2012.

Why the marriage was a mistake

Kerry Katona‘s Biggest Mistake: Why The Made In Chelsea Star Shouldn’t Have Got Married

When Kerry Katona married George Kay in 2014, it was a mistake. The couple had only been dating for six months when they tied the knot, and their relationship was plagued with problems from the start.

Katona has since admitted that she rushed into the marriage because she was pregnant with Kay’s child, and that was a huge mistake. The pregnancy put a lot of strain on the young couple, and they ended up getting divorced just two years later.

If Kerry Katona had taken the time to get to know George Kay better before getting married, she would have realized that he wasn’t the right man for her. Their relationship was built on a foundation of lies and secrets, and it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down.

The impact of the marriage on Kerry’s career

Kerry Katona‘s career took a hit when she got married. The Made In Chelsea star was dropped by her modelling agency and lost out on lucrative deals as a result of her nuptials. Her husband, George Kay, was also reportedly unsupportive of her work commitments and would often stop her from going to work or attending events. This led to Kerry becoming increasingly isolated and feeling like she had to choose between her career and her marriage. Ultimately, the marriage had a negative impact on Kerry’s career and contributed to its decline.

What Kerry has learned from her experience

Kerry Katona‘s marriage to George Kay was her biggest mistake, and she’s learned a lot from the experience.

For one thing, she’s learned that it’s important to be realistic about relationships. “I think when you’re in love you want it to be this fairytale and you want it to be perfect,” she said. “But the thing is, life isn’t perfect.”

She’s also learned that communication is key in any relationship. “If something is bothering you, you need to talk about it,” she said. “You can’t bottle things up.”

Finally, Kerry has learned that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re struggling. “I’ve always been a bit of a control freak,” she said. “But I’ve realized that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes.


Kerry Katona’s biggest mistake was getting married to the wrong man. She should have listened to her friends and family who warned her that he was bad news. Now she is stuck in a loveless marriage and she is miserable. She has made a lot of mistakes in her life but this is by far the worst one.

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