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Celebrities Clash on Social Media Over Gaza Conflict



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Mia Khalifa and Amy Schumer Exchange Heated Messages

During the ongoing horror in Gaza, a number of very famous people have been alienating fans and brands with their controversial statements.

Mia Khalifa Shares Amy Schumer’s DMs

Mia Khalifa recently took to Twitter to share a cluster of incendiary messages that Amy Schumer sent. The messages were not to Khalifa herself but directed at Asia Jackson, an actress who had commented on Schumer’s controversial takes on the Gaza conflict.

Schumer Accuses Jackson of Being Anti-Semitic

In the DMs, Schumer demanded to know if Jackson had any Jewish friends and accused her of being anti-Semitic. Jackson defended herself, stating that her objections were to the bombing of homes and hospitals and the massacre of children in Gaza.

The Clash Goes Public

Jackson shared the DMs, which quickly gained attention, and Schumer faced backlash for her Instagram posts portraying Gazans as “rapists.” Mia Khalifa then shared the post, showing her support for Jackson and the ongoing conversation about human rights atrocities.

A Controversial Conversation

While it is important to speak out against the genocidal bombing campaign in Gaza, critics argue that Khalifa’s comments crossed some lines. It is a difficult situation, but it is clear that Palestinians need freedom and support, while Hamas doesn’t need cheerleaders.

The Toll of the Conflict

Many suspect that Israel’s bombs have killed more of Hamas’ hostages than Hamas ever would have. It is a tragic situation that highlights the urgent need for a resolution and the protection of innocent lives.

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