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Fashion Bomb Daily: Merging Fashion and Faith in a Miraculous Way



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A New Trailblazer in the Fashion Industry

Natasha Lambkin, a Brooklyn native and graduate of FIT University, has found a way to merge fashion and faith in a truly remarkable way. After a successful career in modeling, Lambkin felt unfulfilled and embarked on a soul-searching journey to discover her true purpose.

The Birth of Tashee Inc.

As her relationship with God grew stronger, Lambkin had an epiphany to start her own clothing line that promoted modesty fashion and Christian faith. Thus, Tashee Inc. was born. The name “Tashee” is a nickname given to her by her father and represents being a princess. Lambkin wants her customers to feel like God’s princesses and royalty, which is why she named her brand Tashee.

Massive Success and Recognition

Since its launch in 2015, Tashee Inc. has gained massive success and recognition. The brand has been featured in prestigious editorial magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle Arabia, Bustle Magazine, and Hello Beautiful. Natasha Lambkin has also been recognized by the New York Mayor for her work in ministry and fashion. Additionally, she has worked with celebrities like J.Bolin, Real Talk Kim, and Gospel singer Casey J.

Diverse Customer Base

Tashee Inc. prides itself on its diverse customer base. Lambkin says, “You don’t have to be Christian to shop with us. We have people who are Muslim, Jewish, and Atheist who wear our brand, and I think that’s what it’s all about.”

A Fashionable Debut

During New York Fashion Week, Natasha Lambkin partnered with Fashion Bomb CEO, Claire Sulmers, to debut her collection at the Bomb Fashion Show. Tashee Inc. showcased a cohesive all-white collection, including the perfect bridal attire, shimmering ruched dresses, and modest resort wear. The brand’s aesthetic is described as chic, modern, classy, and innovative.

Fashion Bomb CEO Wears Tashee Inc.

Claire Sulmers, the CEO of Fashion Bomb, wore Tashee Inc.’s metallic one-sleeve ‘Claire’ dress during the Bomb fashion show. The dress is available for purchase at Lambkin expressed her honor to be a part of Fashion Bomb and described the platform as an industry and environment that sets new trends and is fashion-forward.

Best-Selling Design: The Tulip Jumpsuit

One of Tashee Inc.’s best-selling designs is the “Tulip Jumpsuit.” This jumpsuit caters to different body shapes, with a structured fit and a cinched waist. The ballooned-shaped pants are reminiscent of the iconic MC Hammer pants.

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Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

Natasha Lambkin and Tashee Inc. are making serious waves in the fashion industry as a faith-based brand that promotes modesty in a fashionable way. Lambkin envisions her brand becoming a household name and a million-dollar empire. Tashee Inc. is more than just fashion; it also has a media company and is working on new endeavors.

By: Rashidah Young
Title: Fashion Bomb Daily: Merging Fashion and Faith in a Miraculous Way
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Published Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2023 06:22:19 +0000

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