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Harper’s Bazaar Italia Shines with November Covers



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A rising star in the fashion magazine market

The competition between fashion titles is fierce, and within the Italian market, Harper’s Bazaar Italia continues to rise the ranks and outshine Vogue Italia. Under the direction of editor Daria Veledeeva, the publication goes from strength to strength, month after month, with the unveiling of each new issue.

Dynamic black and white covers

Fashion models Felice Nova Noordhoff, Mariacarla Boscono, and Maty Fall have become cover girls in the process, and added to the list for November 2023 is Sun Mizrahi and América González. The pair pose for photographer Daniel Jackson across a duo of dynamic black and white covers. Complete with styling from Paul Sinclaire, the fashion beauties don looks from Hedi Slimane’s Celine and Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent.

Mixed reactions from fashion enthusiasts

This month, however, appeared to be a setback for Italian Bazaar in the eyes of our forum members. "Engaging… the covers are not," critiqued MON. "The two covers don’t excite me at all. Bland direction," chimed in MModa. "This magazine’s covers feel so bland, so boring and so empty. A magazine cover is an art. To create a cover it’s not just to stick the masthead logo, put a word on it and a call it a day. It takes WAY MORE CREATIVITY," forum member Bertrando3 scolded.

Yet not everyone was so disapproving. "I love Sun’s strong features paired with that styling," kokobombon admired. "Two terrific covers from Daniel Jackson! Simplicity done right, love the black and white here. I genuinely do not have one single complaint about either of the covers. They feel quintessential Harper’s Bazaar, which I love! Harper’s Bazaar Italia wiping the floor with Vogue Italia this month," enthused vogue28.

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Mark Eglon is theFashionSpot's Editor-in-Chief. After starting as a freelance writer, Mark has over 3000 published articles to his name. A magazine enthusiastic since circa 2005, Mark enjoys collecting both current and past issues and partaking in discussions on theFashionSpot's forums. Anything with models Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss, or Natasha Poly and he's sold – immediately.

By: Mark Eglon
Title: Harper’s Bazaar Italia Shines with November Covers
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Published Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:00:00 +0000

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