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Is Jana Duggar Secretly in Love with Her Best Friend?



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The Mystery of Jana’s Single Life

Jana Duggar, known for growing up in a religious community, is still single and childless as she approaches her 34th birthday. While her younger siblings have left the nest to start families of their own, Jana continues to live at home with her parents. Speculation and rumors have surrounded her single status, but the truth may be more complicated than we think.

A Forbidden Love?

Some observers believe that Jana is secretly in love with her best friend, Laura DeMasie. In the Duggars’ community, homosexuality is highly taboo, and if Jana were in a same-sex relationship, she would have to hide it from the world. This alleged relationship has sparked pleas for Jana and Laura to break free from their Arkansas hometown and make a life for themselves.

The Lack of Evidence

Despite the rumors, there is no actual evidence of a romantic connection between Jana and Laura. It’s possible that Jana simply made a choice not to marry, and she hasn’t found the right person yet. Or, it could be influenced by the Duggars’ religious beliefs.

A Vow of Single Service

Many now believe that Jana took a vow of remaining single during the time when her family was involved with cult leader Bill Gothard. Gothard’s teachings, which formed the foundation of the Duggars’ beliefs, were later discredited due to sexual harassment allegations. Jill Duggar revealed in a recent documentary that Jana had worked closely with Gothard and that he had a preference for blondes.

Jana’s Freedom and Independence

Jill also mentioned in her memoir that unmarried young women were encouraged to make a vow of single service, committing a specific number of years to serving God while single. This has led to speculation that Jana may have made such a vow herself. However, some believe that Jana is content with her single life and enjoys her freedom to travel with her siblings and pursue her interests, such as her garden and greenhouse.

The End of Arranged Marriages

While we may never know for sure why Jana has chosen to remain single, it is clear that she has avoided being forced into an arranged marriage by her father, Jim Bob. Many believe that staying single has been a wise decision for Jana, as it allows her to live an independent life and avoid a potentially unhappy marriage.

Whether it’s a secret love, a religious vow, or simply a personal choice, Jana Duggar’s single life continues to captivate the public’s attention. As she approaches her 34th birthday, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this independent Duggar daughter.

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