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Josh Duggar and Mike Johnson: A Tale of Controversial Software and Scandal



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Josh Duggar's Downfall

Former reality star Josh Duggar is behind bars, where many believe he belongs. Infamous for molesting young girls, including his own sisters, Josh's current prison sentence is not related to those crimes. Instead, he was arrested for downloading child sex-abuse material (CSAM). But what's even more unsettling is the fact that he had a creepy software called Covenant Eyes on his computer that was supposed to monitor his online activity.

Mike Johnson's Surprising Connection

Meanwhile, in an unexpected twist, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has been revealed to be a user of the same controversial software. Johnson, who recently gained power in Congress, spoke about his use of Covenant Eyes at a panel years ago. He described how the software scans all activity on his devices and sends a report to his accountability partner, who happens to be his 17-year-old son. The association of normal human sexuality with being unclean is disturbing.

Security Concerns and Unsettling Branding

Aside from the shocking revelation of Johnson's use of Covenant Eyes, there are also concerns about security. The software is marketed to individuals who want to monitor their partners or invade their teens' privacy, raising questions about the security of a powerful political figure's devices. Additionally, the branding of the software itself is unsettling, with talk of temptations, sin, and a standard of purity.

Avoiding Detection and Hiding the Truth

Although Covenant Eyes may have played a role in Josh Duggar's downfall, it seems he was able to hide his search for CSAM from his wife using the software. He partitioned part of his computer, effectively blocking it off from the spyware. This allowed him to continue his disturbing activities without detection from his spouse. However, he failed to hide it from the United States government, leading to his arrest.

Both Josh Duggar and Mike Johnson may have different paths in life, but their connection to Covenant Eyes and the controversy surrounding it is a stark reminder of the dark side of technology and the potential for abuse.

By: Simon Delott
Title: Josh Duggar and Mike Johnson: A Tale of Controversial Software and Scandal
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Published Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2023 00:25:50 +0000

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