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8 Must-Watch Movies on Apple TV+

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Apple TV+ continues to impress with its movie offerings

Hollywood can't stop talking about Apple TV+. The streaming service, backed by tech giant Apple, has produced some of the biggest and buzziest movies of the year. From Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon to Ridley Scott's Napoleon, Apple TV+ is garnering attention for its high-quality content. While some may argue that Apple is simply throwing money at big names, the service's movies are undeniably worth watching.

Shorter TV seasons and a focus on movies

One of the things that sets Apple TV+ apart from its competitors is its offering of shorter TV seasons. While Netflix also offers shorter seasons, Apple TV+ seems to make it the norm. This is great news for those with less time to invest in TV series and who prefer the movie side of the content library.

8 Can't-Miss Movies on Apple TV+

If you're a new subscriber to Apple TV+ or haven't explored the app much, here are eight must-watch movies on the platform:

1. "Flora & Ulysses"

This music-filled delight tells the story of a single mom and her rebellious teenage son bonding over the power of music. Directed by John Carney and starring Eve Hewson, this heartwarming film is a must-watch.

2. "My Psychedelic Love Story"

This documentary features the last-ever interview with John le Carre, the father of the modern spy novel. Directed by Errol Morris, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of espionage.

3. "CODA"

Apple's first film to win a Best Picture Oscar, "CODA" follows the story of a young girl in an all-deaf family who has a talent for singing. This feel-good and family-friendly movie is a must-see.

4. "Tetris: The Movie"

Surprisingly, the Tetris movie is not just about the creation of the iconic game. It also delves into the Cold War intrigue surrounding the rights to the game. Starring Taron Egerton, this drama-filled film is a must-watch.

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5. "Causeway"

This atmospheric drama stars Jennifer Lawrence as a soldier grappling with PTSD. As she navigates her recovery, she forms a bond with a caretaker and confronts her painful past. Lawrence delivers a powerful performance in this emotional film.

6. "Shithouse"

A Sundance favorite, "Shithouse" follows the story of a college graduate who finds himself back at home without a clear path forward. Starring Cooper Raiff and Dakota Johnson, this charming film is a must-see.

7. "Finch"

In "Finch," Tom Hanks plays a robotics engineer who builds a robot to take care of his dog after he's gone. This emotional film is a tearjerker that will leave you reaching for the tissues.

8. "Greyhound"

Tom Hanks stars as a naval officer protecting a merchant ship convoy from Nazi submarines during World War II. This intense and gripping film strikes the perfect balance between action and drama.

If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber or thinking of becoming one, these eight movies should be at the top of your watchlist. With a diverse range of genres and compelling storytelling, Apple TV+ continues to impress with its movie offerings.

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