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Amateur astronomer captures video of comet crashing into Jupiter

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Quick flash against the gas giant

An amateur astronomer in Japan has recently captured a stunning video of a comet crashing into Jupiter. The footage, shared on Twitter earlier this month, shows a bright flash as the super-bright comet, also known as a bolide, collides with the gas giant. Although the flash is brief, it is a remarkable sight to witness on video.

Comets crashing into other planets

It's not just Jupiter that experiences these spectacular crashes. Earth has also witnessed fireballs crashing into its atmosphere, although they usually explode and disintegrate before reaching the surface. Jupiter, with its powerful gravitational pull, has seen similar crashes over the years.

A fascinating but non-damaging event

While this particular comet crash wasn't particularly spectacular compared to previous incidents, it still captivates astronomers. Experts believe that the crash did not cause any damage to Jupiter itself, reassuring for the gas giant's stability.

Past crashes on Jupiter

In 1994, another comet crashed into Jupiter, leaving massive dark scars across the planet's atmosphere and sending superheated plumes into its stratosphere. These crashes serve as reminders of the potential dangers lurking in the cosmos.

Earth's protection from celestial objects

Fortunately, bolides crashing into Earth have not posed a significant threat thus far. Additionally, NASA has programs in place, such as the DART program, designed to protect our planet from incoming celestial objects. These initiatives aim to prevent any potential damage caused by large comets or asteroids.

The insignificance of bolides on Earth

Most bolides that crash into Earth are not large enough to cause any significant issues. They either burn up in the atmosphere or fall into expansive oceanic areas, making their study difficult. Nevertheless, there have been instances, like the recent fireballs witnessed above Japan, which created a breathtaking display in the sky before disintegrating.

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