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Back to School Season

The changing of summer to fall marks the beginning of the holiday season, making it a favorite time of the year for many. It's also an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and stock up on everything the kids need for the year.

June's Favorites

As June heads into her final year of preK, here are a few of her favorite things. She's recently signed up for tennis and loves these cute tennis outfits. She needed proper sneakers, so we ordered her a pair along with a tennis racket. Since soccer is her current favorite sport, we also got her some new mesh shorts and soccer cleats.

Encouraging June's Passion

June is really into arts right now and wants to be an artist when she grows up. To support her passion, we ordered a Tabletop paper roll dispenser, a marker organizer, new paint, and cups for painting. We're also on the hunt for the perfect bulletin board to display her artwork.

After School Activities

In addition to tennis and art, June loves swimming and swim lessons. We've found a leave-in conditioner that works wonders on her hair after swimming. It gets tangles out without needing to brush. For her backpack, we love Stoney Clover for its durability. We also use a lunch box and reusable bags for snacks.

Restocking on Basics

Back to school is a good time to restock on essentials like socks and shoes. We love shopping at Zara and GAP for basics. June's favorite outfit is a skater dress with bike shorts underneath. In the fall, we stock up on Zara's cashmere pieces before they sell out. We also love Doen dresses, which can be worn as tops with shorts as June grows.

Looking Ahead: Halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner. Are you prepared? What will you be going as this year?

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