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Bedbugs Infestations on the Rise in Asia

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South Korea Launches Campaign Against Bedbugs

South Korea is currently experiencing a surge in bedbug infestations, leading to fears among the public and prompting the government to take action. The country had successfully eradicated bedbugs in the 1960s but is now facing a worrying revival. In response, an interministry task force has been established, and a four-week campaign to disinfect high-risk spaces has begun. Concerned citizens have also created interactive maps to track bedbug infestations across the country.

Hong Kong Worries about Bedbug Transmission

In densely populated Hong Kong, authorities are working to alleviate concerns about bedbugs potentially being brought into the city from South Korea. The airport has started distributing leaflets on bedbug transmission to arriving travelers, and the rail corporation has deep cleaned its Airport Express train after a viral photo circulated on social media. Residents have also taken precautions into their own hands, with sales of anti-bedbug products soaring during recent shopping sprees.

Bedbug Fears Spread to Singapore and Japan

Recent headlines in Singapore and Japan have highlighted increasing sightings of bedbugs and growing concerns about infestations. Experts commonly link the rise in bedbug cases to human travel, as the insects can hide in clothing and suitcases, making it easy for them to be carried across borders. The development of resistance to insecticides and efficient breeding methods have contributed to the global resurgence of bedbugs over the last two decades.

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