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Carnival Cruise Line Kids Club: Everything You Need to Know

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A Fabulous Kids Club

If you're planning a family cruise, you might be wondering if Carnival Cruise Line has a kids club. The answer is a resounding yes. Carnival offers a fantastic kids club called Camp Ocean for children of all ages. From preschoolers to teens, there are age-appropriate activities and hangouts for everyone.

Age Groups and Activities

Camp Ocean divides young cruisers into three main age groups: Penguins (2 to 5 years old), Stingrays (6 to 8 years old), and Sharks (9 to 11 years old). There's also a program called Turtles for babies and toddlers. For tweens, there's Circle C, and for teens, there's Club O2. Each group has a schedule of kid-friendly activities, including arts and crafts, sports and games, movie watching, science-based activities, and more.

Dr. Seuss and NASA

Camp Ocean has a partnership with Dr. Seuss, so his whimsical characters influence the activities. Kids can meet life-size versions of their favorite storybook characters, like the Cat in the Hat. There's also a Space Cruisers program in partnership with NASA, where kids can play space-themed bingo, build Mars rovers, and more.

Night Owls and Owl Jams

At night, Camp Ocean turns into Night Owls, a late-night slumber party for kids of all ages. They can enjoy movies, toys, snacks, and rest areas. There are also special themed parties called Owl Jams. Some examples include a Caribbean party, a Party Animals event, and a Rock N Glow Party with an '80s theme.

Turtles for Little Ones

The littlest cruisers under age 2 can come to Carnival's cruise camp for special programming at select times on sea days. Parents can either drop off babies and toddlers for a fee or stay and play with their kids for free. On port days, parents can drop off their little ones for group babysitting while they explore ashore.

Circle C and Club O2

For tweens in Circle C and teens in Club O2, there are supervised programming and activities. This includes games, movies, crafts, dance parties, and even Carnival's version of prom.

Hours and Pricing

The hours of the kids club vary by day and port of call. On sea days, Camp Ocean is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. On port days, activities start from the time the ship arrives until 10 p.m. The Night Owls late-night activities take place from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. The cost for Night Owls and Turtles drop-off programming is $7.50 per child per hour, plus an 18% service charge.

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Family-Friendly Features

Carnival cruise ships are extremely family-friendly. Kids will love the onboard water parks, pools, arcades, sports courts, and more. Certain ships even have ropes courses, roller coasters, and IMAX theaters. There are also additional family programming options like scavenger hunts, bingo, and craft-making.

Dining and Treats

For dining, Carnival offers a variety of options for kids and their parents. There are fast-casual staples like Guy's Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina. Additionally, there's a kids menu in the main dining room and a Dr. Seuss-themed breakfast. Kids might also enjoy a visit to the onboard candy store, Cherry on Top, or the multiple soft-serve ice cream stations.

Flexible and Fun

Carnival's kids club offers age-appropriate fun for babies, kids, and teens. It's a great way for parents to have some time to themselves while their kids make friends and have a blast onboard. Camp Ocean's flexibility allows families to use its programming as much or as little as they like, fitting their travel style and enhancing their vacation.

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