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Chanel’s 2023 Holiday Makeup Collection: A Mesmerizing Journey into 1920s Glam

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Captivating Fashion and Beauty

Is it really the holiday season if Chanel isn’t bedazzling our fashion and beauty enthusiasts with their festive makeup collection? Last year, the fabled French fashion house captivated us with a holiday makeup theme inspired by the majestic moon. This year, we’re whisked back to the delightful 1920s, for a collection blending geometric characters of French Arts Décoratifs and the bold fashion style of that era.

A Personal Touch

The 1920s marked a significant period for Chanel, transitioning into cosmetics after making waves with their fashion line of tubular day dresses and sequins. When Chanel embraces the 20s’ sparkling fashion, you can feel the personal touch reflected in the brilliance of this collection. So, without delay, let’s explore Chanel’s 2023 Holiday collection.

Hypnotic Eyeshadow Palette

This makeup collection’s eyeshadow palette is a symphony of 5 shades that don’t just shimmer—they hypnotize. Platinum beige, bronze, rose gold, shimmering black, and lustrous diamond white—everything your eyes need to dazzle all season long.

Breathtaking Illuminating Powder

This limited edition makeup collection illuminating powder is breathtaking, featuring embossed sequin patterns and glimmering duo shades that mean business. Pink Champagne and Crystal White can be used alone or combined to highlight and amplify the luxurious sheen on your skin.

Sumptuous Metallic Lip Colors

Imagine the Roaring 20s jazz scenes—these three limited edition hues embody that spirit in this makeup collection. It has a sumptuous metallic finish, high-intensity payoff, and a satiny feel on the lips, thanks to its plant-derived oil formulation. The black and gold click case exudes 20s glitz like no other.

Luxurious Nail Colors

With an unabashed shout-out to art deco style, the three nail color shades in this makeup collection are highly pigmented and glittery, like wearing 20s luxury on your nails.

Glamorous Liquid Lipsticks

Water-resistant glidable liquid lipsticks straight from a glamorous 20s modernist’s sequin embellished handbag. The rich formula imparts a satin sheen and feels moisturizing. Shade 90 Golden Beige is like wearing liquid gold, and 91 Fancy Prune is everything a holiday glamor dream is made of.

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Unforgettable Allure

Pay homage to 20s Jean Harlow fanned-out lashes with this intensely volumizing mascara. The Noir Allure adds an unforgettable allure to your eye makeup with its 4-dimensional results—volume, length, curl, and definition! What more could we ask for in a makeup collection?

A Celebration of Timeless Allure

Chanel’s 2023 Holiday Makeup Collection is indeed a mesmerizing journey into 1920s glam. From the hypnotic eyeshadows to the satiny lips, each piece echoes the opulence of the Roaring Twenties. It’s not just makeup; it’s a celebration of timeless allure. Dive in and let your festive spirit shimmer in vintage elegance.

By: Garima Tiwari
Title: Chanel’s 2023 Holiday Makeup Collection: A Mesmerizing Journey into 1920s Glam
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Published Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2023 12:30:00 +0000