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French Singer Vanessa Paradis Graces the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar France

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French Bazaar's Latest Cover Divides Fashion Critics

Vanessa Paradis, the celebrated French singer and muse of the late Karl Lagerfeld, is featured on the cover of the November 2023 issue of Harper's Bazaar France. The cover image, shot by Alastair McLellan, shows Paradis joyously flashing her iconic gap-toothed smile while wearing a look from Chanel's Cruise 2024 collection. However, the inclusion of Chanel roller skates has sparked a debate among fashion critics.

Some Fashion Critics Are Unimpressed

TheFashionSpot forums were buzzing with mixed reactions to the cover. Some users expressed their disappointment, with one commenting, "I don't like the cover. The black and white doesn't appeal to me." Another exclaimed, "What in the world!"

One critic expressed their desire for a more dynamic and edgy photo, saying, "I feel like a good stylist/photographer/model would have made us believe she was about to put on those Chanel roller skates and terrorize the streets of Paris. What we have here is so sad, 'look… I'm holding these dumb Chanel roller skates'."

Another user took issue with the cost of the Chanel roller skates, stating, "The Chanel skates are offensive because you know they cost more than a mortgage payment."

Not Everyone is Unimpressed

Despite the criticism, there were also those who appreciated the cover. One user praised Paradis, saying, "I love Vanessa Paradis, she's very iconic in France. Happy to see her still being on covers after so many years."

Another supporter of the cover mentioned their love for the black and white photography and the pairing of Paradis with Chanel. They stated, "It's fun, I love the black and white photography from McLellan here teamed with that shade of pink. Of course, Vanessa Paradis wearing Chanel is always a good idea – will always and forever approve of that partnership!"

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By: Mark Eglon
Title: French Singer Vanessa Paradis Graces the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar France
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Published Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2023 12:00:00 +0000

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