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Gucci’s Latest Campaign Receives Mixed Reviews from Fashion Critics

Guccis Latest Campaign Receives Mixed Reviews from Fashion Critics


Gucci's creative director, Sabato De Sarno, has been making waves with his recent campaigns and collections. However, his latest advertising campaign featuring Billie Eilish has received mixed reviews from fashion critics.

The Campaign

The campaign, shot by Tyrell Hampton and styled by Alastair McKimm, showcases Gucci's Horsebit 1955 asymmetrical handbag collection. The bags are crafted in Demetra, Gucci's new animal-free material made from 75% plant-derived raw materials.

Critics' Reactions

Members of theFashionSpot forums were unimpressed with the campaign. One forum member exclaimed, "Sabato as usual keeps the bar so low." Another member simply said, "Yikes."

Some critics expressed disappointment in De Sarno's direction and celebrity endorsements for Gucci. One critic stated, "I'm sorry, but why? Sabato isn't helping his notably directionless POV with yet another celebrity endorsement. I'm really confused by his propositions for Gucci."

Another critic added, "I can barely see the bags… and that's a terrible sign. Once again, all these stunts for nothing. Every now and then they release an ad with a star that doesn't really bring anything to the table. Everything sounds/looks/feels so desperate!"

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Title: Gucci’s Latest Campaign Receives Mixed Reviews from Fashion Critics
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