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Price and Subscription Details Revealed

Humane is set to unveil its highly anticipated Ai Pin wearable device, and a recent leak has given us some key information. Contrary to previous rumors, the Ai Pin will not cost $1,000 but will be priced at $699. However, users will also need to pay a $24 monthly subscription fee to Humane. This subscription will cover cellular access to T-Mobile's network, unlimited AI access, and cloud storage for photos and videos.

Ai Pin: A Smartphone Without a Display

Despite being described as a smartphone, the Ai Pin lacks a display. It offers a unique personal AI experience that relies on Microsoft and OpenAI software. There are also indications that ChatGPT, a popular AI model, will be involved in the device's AI features.

What the Leaked Documents Reveal

The leaked documents obtained by The Verge shed light on the details of the Ai Pin. The device is a $699 wearable smartphone without a screen that runs on Humane's version of T-Mobile's network. It also provides access to AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI.

Setup and Accessing Features

Setting up the Ai Pin will require accessing, an online tool. It is unclear whether this will be a website or a mobile app. Users will be able to access photos, videos, and notes through this platform.

External Battery and Additional Accessories

The Ai Pin attaches magnetically to clothing and other surfaces, as previously indicated by Humane. However, the clip on the other side of the clothing is not just a magnet, but an external battery pack. The device comes with two such boosters, suggesting that additional boosters may be available for purchase separately.

Features and Functionality

The Ai Pin features an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, along with a camera, depth and motion sensors, and a built-in speaker that Humane refers to as a "personic speaker." It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. The device uses a laser projector to display information on surfaces, but lacks a traditional screen for additional interaction. Users can interact with the Ai Pin primarily through voice commands and gestures using the touchpad on the front. It is important to note that the device is not always recording and requires manual activation. There is also a "Trust Light" on the front to indicate when the device is recording.

Operating System and AI Capabilities

The Ai Pin runs on an operating system called Cosmos and does not support standalone apps. Instead, Humane has designed a seamless system that utilizes various AI technologies. This aligns with previous reports that suggest OpenAI's GPT-4 language model will be part of the Ai Pin experience. The device's AI capabilities include generating messages in the user's voice, summarizing inboxes, translating languages, identifying food items, and providing nutritional information. It also supports streaming from Tidal, including an AI DJ feature. However, the specifics of the AI-centric photosystem remain unclear.


While the Ai Pin offers exciting features and utilizes advanced AI technology, it may face challenges in the market. With its high price tag and lack of a traditional display, it remains to be seen whether consumers will embrace this new wearable device.

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