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Humane’s Ai Pin: A Screenless AI Wearable That Falls Short

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The Problem with a Lack of Screen

Humane's new Ai Pin wearable has been unveiled, and while it aims to eliminate the need for screens, it falls short in practicality. The lack of a screen makes everyday tasks more difficult, despite the noble goal of reducing screen time with the help of AI.

A Promising Use Case for Fitness

One potential use case for the Ai Pin is outdoor fitness activities. For runners and walkers, the device could be a helpful companion, allowing them to leave their smartphones at home. With features like hands-free photos and videos, as well as the ability to call for help in case of emergencies, the Ai Pin could enhance the fitness experience.

Entertainment and Health Benefits

The Ai Pin offers additional features that appeal to fitness enthusiasts. It allows for on-the-fly music and podcast selection, making workouts more enjoyable. It also has the ability to recognize food and beverages, helping users track their calorie intake. However, the device lacks compatibility with popular apps and services.

Potential for Progress Monitoring

The AI capabilities of the Ai Pin could potentially help users monitor their progress and improve their running technique. By analyzing data collected by the device, the AI could provide real-time stats and offer insights for improvement. It could also track chosen routes and map them out for users.

User Privacy and Availability

One standout feature of the Ai Pin is Humane's commitment to user privacy. The company ensures that user data collected during workouts will not be used for targeted advertising or shared with third parties. However, the Ai Pin is currently not available in Europe, and its availability in other regions is uncertain.

The Verdict: Not Worth the Price

Despite its promising features, the Ai Pin's lack of a screen limits its usefulness. Users would still need a display to access and analyze the data collected by the device. At a price of $699, plus an additional $24/month for phone encryption, the Ai Pin falls short of being a worthwhile investment. For those interested in AI wearables, it may be better to consider alternatives such as the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra.

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