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Luxury isn’t the Only Option: Mainstream Cruise Lines Offer All-Inclusive Packages

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New Pricing Strategy

Cruise lines are changing their pricing strategies to compete with luxury lines. Mainstream and upscale cruise lines are now offering all-inclusive fare add-ons, allowing passengers to pay upfront for popular amenities and avoid extra charges.

Which Cruise Lines Offer All-Inclusive Packages?

Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, Princess, Azamara, and Windstar are among the cruise lines offering all-inclusive packages.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers an All Included cruise fare on any itinerary (excluding the Galapagos Islands). Passengers get two included amenities: basic Wi-Fi and Celebrity's Classic beverage package. The cost of the All Included package varies depending on the destination, itinerary length, and time of year.

Holland America

Holland America offers the Have It All package, which includes four premium amenities: a beverage package, Wi-Fi, shore excursion credit, and a specialty dining experience. The package costs $50 per person, per day.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offers two all-inclusive packages: Princess Plus and Princess Premier. Princess Plus includes a beverage package, Wi-Fi, and onboard credit, while Princess Premier offers additional perks like specialty dining and spa credit. The packages are priced at $60 and $80 per person, per day, respectively.


Azamara offers Experience More packages, which bundle additional amenities like beverage packages, Wi-Fi, and shore excursion credit. Prices range from $699 to $1,599 per cabin, depending on the package and the length of the cruise.

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises offers an All-Inclusive Fare option, which includes unlimited beverages, unlimited Wi-Fi, and all gratuities. Passengers can also choose to book a base cruise-only fare and pay for onboard expenses separately. The All-Inclusive Fare costs $89 per person, per day.

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Is an All-Inclusive Package Worth It?

Whether an all-inclusive package is worth it depends on individual preferences

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