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Maximizing Your Holiday Shopping with Travel Rewards

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Choosing Between Points and Cash for Gifts

As the holiday season approaches, travel rewards enthusiasts must decide whether to pay for gifts directly or use their points and miles. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, along with some potential pitfalls to avoid.

Using the Right Credit Card for Holiday Shopping

Find out how to make the most of your holiday purchases by using the right credit cards. Learn about welcome bonuses, bonus rewards, and the best cards to consider for your holiday shopping needs.

The Benefits of Adding an Authorized User

Discover the advantages of adding an authorized user to your credit card account, including meeting spending requirements and improving credit scores. Certain credit cards also offer additional benefits to authorized users.

Why You Should Avoid Store Credit Cards

Learn why applying for store credit cards during the holiday season is generally not worth it. The article explains the negative impact on credit scores and the limited value of store credit card rewards compared to travel rewards cards.

Maximizing Online Purchases with Shopping Portals

Explore strategies to earn bonus points, miles, or cash back on online transactions. Find out how to use online shopping portals and shopping portal aggregators to make the most of your online purchases.

Earning Discounts and Offers with Your Credit Card

Discover the discounts and offers available through American Express and Chase credit cards. Learn how to combine Amex Offers, online shopping portals, and Chase offers to receive impressive discounts on your holiday shopping.

Using the Right Credit Card for Purchase Protection

Find out how to protect your high-priced holiday gifts with purchase protection offered by certain credit cards. Learn about the coverage and benefits provided by different credit cards.

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Redeeming Points and Miles for Holiday Purchases

Explore the various ways to redeem your points and miles for holiday gifts, including gift cards and merchandise. Learn about the major loyalty programs and the value you can expect when redeeming your rewards.

The Value of Booking Travel for Others

Discover the benefits of using your points and miles to book travel for others as a holiday gift. Learn how to give the gift of travel and get the same value from your points when booking a trip.

Maximizing Your Return with Travel Rewards

Learn how to make the most of your holiday purchases by maximizing your return with travel rewards. Find out why transferring points to partner programs or redeeming them directly for travel purchases generally provides more value.