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Moxy Hotels Crowned Best Affordable Hotel Brand in TPG Awards



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Affordable and Trendy

Moxy Hotels has been named the best affordable hotel brand in the 2023 TPG Awards. With over 125 locations worldwide, the chain offers attractive photos, trendy locations, and typically affordable price points.

Small But Smart Rooms

Moxy Hotels offer unique and efficient rooms, measuring around 185 square feet. Instead of a closet, guests can hang their clothes on simple peg boards. Some rooms even feature small fold-up desks that double as wall art. The bathrooms have solid walk-in showers.

No Traditional Check-In Desk

Moxy Hotels ditched the traditional check-in desk in favor of Bar Moxy, where guests can get their room key and a cocktail. The lobby serves as a design-forward social hub and a launch pad into the destination itself.

Not Your Typical Hotel

Moxy Hotels are not your cookie-cutter chain. Each property offers playful vibes, efficient rooms, and a community-driven atmosphere. Some locations have partnered with famous hospitality groups to offer Instagram-worthy restaurants and stunning rooftop bars.

Expanding Food and Beverage Options

Moxy Hotels is looking to expand its food and beverage options in certain markets. This could mean opening a food truck window, a coffee shop, a rooftop bar, or a full-service restaurant, depending on the location.

Friendly Staff and Fun Spirit

Moxy Hotels pride themselves on their friendly staff and fun spirit. The brand hires staff who are relatable and knowledgeable about the local area. Guests of all ages and demographics are welcome, as long as they have a youthful mindset.

Growing Global Presence

Moxy Hotels currently have over 24,000 rooms in 25 countries and territories, with more than 125 properties in the pipeline. The brand aims to embrace the community and be more than just another building.

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Keeping the Playful Spirit

As Moxy Hotels continue to grow, they strive to maintain their playful spirit. The brand wants to keep evolving and redefining what it means to have a playful experience.

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