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Original X-Men from Fox Movies Confirmed to Appear in MCU

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Kelsey Grammer's Comments Hint at X-Men Cameo in Deadpool 3

It looks like the original X-Men from the Fox movies will be making their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Kelsey Grammer, who played Beast in the Fox X-Men films, recently made comments that suggest his character will be returning in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

MCU's Multiverse Opens the Door for X-Men

The introduction of the multiverse in the MCU has allowed for the integration of characters from different realities, including the X-Men. The Loki season 2 finale explains how this is possible, with Loki becoming the protector of all timelines. This means that the Fox realities that spawned the X-Men heroes can coexist with the MCU timeline.

Deadpool 3 Rumored to Feature X-Men Cameos

Rumors have been circulating that Deadpool 3 will feature cameos from various X-Men characters from the Fox movies. Professor X, Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops, and Magneto are all reportedly set to appear in the sequel. There's even talk of a cameo from Channing Tatum's Gambit.

Monica Rambeau's Connection to Beast's Reality

Monica Rambeau, who is now stuck in Beast's reality, further supports the speculation of X-Men cameos in Deadpool 3. It seems inevitable that Marvel will explore this reality soon, and Wolverine's upcoming appearance in Deadpool 3 presents the perfect opportunity to do so.

Kelsey Grammer Confirms Beast's Return

Kelsey Grammer expressed his excitement about returning as Beast and hinted at his character's future appearances. While he didn't give away any specific details, his comments strongly suggest that the original Fox X-Men will be joining Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU.

With all these clues and hints, it's safe to say that fans can expect to see the beloved X-Men characters from the Fox movies make their way into the MCU in the near future. It's an exciting time for Marvel fans as the multiverse opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the superhero franchise.

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