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The Engage with Grace Movement: Starting the Conversation on End-of-Life Wishes

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Alex Drane's Inspiring Movement

In 2008, Alex Drane had a vision to encourage people to have important conversations about end-of-life wishes. She named this movement "Engage with Grace" and it has since become a powerful catalyst for change.

Connecting with Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

As we gather with our loved ones this Thanksgiving weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about their end-of-life wishes. These discussions may seem difficult, but they are crucial for ensuring that our loved ones' desires are respected and honored.

A Simple Slide to Start the Conversation

Engage with Grace provides a simple slide that can help kickstart these important conversations. By using this visual aid, individuals can navigate through the sensitive topic of end-of-life wishes with ease and clarity.

Don't miss out on the chance to have these vital conversations with your loved ones. Engage with Grace and make this Thanksgiving a time for open, honest, and compassionate discussions about what matters most.

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