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Apple Tested a Black Apple Watch Ultra Prototype, but Will It Ever Be Released?

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An Early Prototype

Apple sent the Federal Communications Commission a prototype of an Apple Watch Ultra with a black ceramic back, according to FCC images found by a user on X. This prototype featured a plastic Action Button, which later got redesigned with a metal finish. It's unusual for Apple to send unfinished versions of its products, making this prototype a rare find.

No Black Apple Watch Ultra in Sight

Despite the existence of a black prototype, it seems unlikely that Apple will release a black Apple Watch Ultra. The fact that a second version of the Watch has already been released, along with concerns about potential scratching and the visibility of colorless parts, suggests that Apple has moved on from this finish.

Rumors of a Darker Variant

There were rumors that Apple would introduce a black variant of the titanium Apple Watch Ultra in 2023. This possibility was hinted at by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and rumored by an X user. However, after seeing the images of the black prototype, it's surprising that Apple decided not to move forward with this option.

Potential Scratching Concerns

One reason behind Apple's decision to scrap the black Apple Watch Ultra could be concerns about scratching. With a black model, any scratches would be more noticeable on the colorless parts. In contrast, a natural titanium finish would be more forgiving when it comes to scratches on the sides of the Watch.

Hopes for the Future

Despite the uncertainty, many Apple fans still hope for a darker Apple Watch Ultra in future iterations of the product. Whether Apple will listen to these wishes remains to be seen.

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