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Apple Vision Pro: New Details on Spatial Computer and VisionOS System

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Improved Experience with VisionOS Beta 6

The highly anticipated release of the Apple Vision Pro is just a few months away, and Apple is working hard to ensure users have the best possible experience with its upcoming spatial computer. The latest visionOS beta 6 brings exciting improvements to the system.

Interacting with Apple Vision Pro

One of the onboarding videos discovered by X user M1Astra reveals how users will be able to interact with the Apple Vision Pro using their eyes and hands. The spatial computer responds to your eyes, allowing you to navigate the system by simply looking at elements. To select an element, you can tap your fingers together, similar to clicking on a Mac. Scrolling can be done by pinching your fingers together and gently flicking. Apple ensures that you can keep your hands in a comfortable position, such as resting on your lap.

Enrolling Your Persona

Another video demonstrates how users can enroll their Persona on the Apple Vision Pro. This feature was previously detailed in beta 4, but the video provides a clearer understanding of the enrollment process. To set up your Persona, you will need to remove the Apple Vision Pro and capture your appearance. It is important to ensure that nothing is covering your face and that you are ready before starting. Hold the spatial computer at eye level, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed. Follow the instructions to turn your head to the right, left, tilt up and down. Additionally, you will capture your facial expressions, including closed-mouth smile, smile showing teeth, raised eyebrows, and closed eyes. Once you are done, put the Apple Vision Pro back on to see your Persona.

What's Next?

The previous beta already introduced essential apps like the App Store, Mindfulness, and Testflight. However, it remains uncertain how many more testing versions Apple plans to release before the official launch of this spatial computer. Stay tuned as BGR continues to cover the latest features and updates on the Apple Vision Pro.