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New Study Reveals the World’s Most Common Passwords in 2023

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Weak Passwords for Streaming, Strong Passwords for Finance

NordPass, a leading password manager, has released a study on the world's 200 most common passwords in 2023. The study found that people tend to use the weakest passwords for their streaming accounts, while the strongest passwords are reserved for financial accounts. However, with streaming services cracking down on password sharing, it's important to choose a secure code for your Netflix account.

"123456" Takes the Top Spot in the US

According to NordPass, the most commonly used password in the US in 2023 was "123456," replacing the previous top password, "guest." While this shows some improvement in password security, it's still essential to choose a strong and unique password for online accounts.

Alarming Data on Password Strength

NordPass's study revealed that almost a third of the world's most popular passwords consist of purely numerical sequences, such as "123456789" and "000000." Even more concerning, as many as 70% of the passwords on this year's global list can be cracked in less than a second. This highlights the urgent need for stronger password security practices.

Users Stick to Pre-Configured Passwords

Another interesting finding from the study is that instead of improving their password creation habits, internet users are sticking to pre-configured passwords. The word "admin" made it to the top of the list of most common passwords in many countries, including the US. This suggests that many users are not bothering to change default passwords, leaving their accounts vulnerable to hacking.

The Rise of Passkey Technology

In light of the risks associated with passwords, alternative methods of online authentication are gaining traction. Passkey technology, which aims to replace passwords, is emerging as a promising innovation. NordPass, one of the first password managers to offer this technology, has seen a growing interest in passkeys as a way to eliminate the hassle of passwords and enhance security.

These are the most common passwords used in the US in 2023. To learn more, check out BGR's coverage of the 2022 list.

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