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China Aims to Beat NASA with Mars Sample Return Mission

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China's Ambitious Mars Mission

China is looking to steal NASA's thunder by launching a Mars sample return mission that would bring back Martian soil and rocks two years before the U.S.-based space agency can. The Chinese space agency, China National Space Administration (CNSA), plans to send a crewed mission to Mars within the next decade and hopes to complete a Mars sample return mission in 2031.

The Tianwen-3 Mission

The Mars sample return mission, known as Tianwen-3, is part of the CNSA's Tianwen program. It will consist of two launches in 2028 to gather samples on the Martian surface and return them to Earth in July 2031.

China's Growing Presence in Space

China has been working hard to establish itself in the space exploration field. While some of their previous attempts, such as the Chinese Mars rover, have encountered setbacks, China is determined to become a major player in the exploration of the Red Planet. With plans to understand the Martian atmosphere and execute their own Mars sample return mission, China is positioning itself as a significant force in space exploration.

Uncertain Outcome

While China's ambitions are commendable, the success of their Mars sample return mission remains to be seen. NASA's Mars Sample Return mission is currently facing challenges, which may provide China with the opportunity it has been waiting for. Only time will tell if China can surpass NASA and make history with its own Mars mission.

By Josh Hawkins

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