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Google Maps Redesign Faces Criticism from Users

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New Colors and Clutter Impact User Experience

Google recently released a major upgrade to its Google Maps platform, featuring a significant redesign and new AI features. However, the new color palette and cluttered interface have drawn criticism from users, particularly longtime Google Maps users who are having difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Former Google Maps Designer Voices Complaints

One of the critics is Elizabeth Laraki, a former Google Maps designer, who took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the new design. Laraki highlighted the cluttered nature of the new Google Maps experience rather than the color choices.

Missed Opportunity for Simplification and Scalability

In her review, Laraki stated that the recent redesign missed a key opportunity to simplify and scale the Google Maps interface. She suggested that the clutter on the map, including multiple overlays, hinders usability and should be minimized.

Proposed Cleaner UI

Laraki proposed a cleaner Google Maps user interface that keeps the new color palette but eliminates many of the overlays. She recommended moving most features to a redesigned bottom bar, while keeping the search bar and directions prominently displayed.

Reflecting on the Past

Laraki acknowledged that app interfaces often become cluttered over time, citing her experience as a Google Maps designer in 2007 when the app had become a "cluttered mess." She emphasized the need to prioritize simplicity and scalability for a better user experience.

Time for a Rethink

Laraki believes it's time for Google Maps to rethink its design and prioritize usability once again. With her proposed cleaner UI and a focus on minimizing overlays, she suggests that Google Maps can provide a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

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