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Lost Asteroid Could Pose Threat of Earth-Bound Collision in 2024

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Asteroid Discovered in 2007 Vanished Soon After, Raising Concerns

An asteroid that was first discovered in 2007 and mysteriously vanished shortly after may pose a potential threat of colliding with Earth next year, according to reports. The asteroid, known as 2007 FT3, has scientists worried as its path cannot be accurately determined since it has been lost in space.

NASA Experts Reveal Potential Impact

NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has been monitoring the asteroid and the 32,000 other near-Earth asteroids we know about in an effort to predict their movements. Now, NASA experts have revealed that there is a roughly 1 in 11.5 million chance of the lost asteroid crashing into Earth in October of 2024. If it does hit, the asteroid would cause massive damage and send shockwaves throughout the planet.

Unseen Asteroids a Constant Concern

While the thought of an unseen asteroid heading towards Earth is unsettling, it is not a new concern. Despite the discovery and monitoring of over 30,000 near-Earth asteroids, NASA and other agencies believe there are still many space rocks that have yet to be detected, especially those hidden within the Sun's glare.

Agencies Harnessing New Technology to Mitigate Threats

NASA and other agencies are actively working on strategies to mitigate the chances of asteroids colliding with our planet. Utilizing new technologies, such as the DART test completed by NASA last year, these organizations are developing methods to better detect and divert potentially hazardous asteroids.

NASA Remains Vigilant

While it remains unknown what happened to the lost asteroid, NASA will continue to closely monitor the situation for any signs or indications of its whereabouts. The agency is committed to protecting Earth from potential asteroid impacts and will remain vigilant in its efforts to ensure our safety.

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