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MSC Cruises: A Breakdown of Cabin Types and Accommodations

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MSC Cruises, a newcomer in the North American market, offers a range of accommodations to suit all types of travelers. From affordable inside cabins to high-end suites, MSC aims to satisfy its diverse passenger base. Let's take a closer look at the different cabin types and what you can expect when booking a room on one of MSC's ships.

Inside Cabins: Budget-Friendly and Dark

Inside cabins, available on all MSC ships, are perfect for those on a budget. Ranging from 140 to 301 square feet, these rooms provide basic amenities and can sleep up to four passengers. They are available with the Bella and Fantastica experiences.

Ocean-View Rooms: Basic Amenities with a View

Ocean-view rooms are similar to inside cabins but offer a view through a porthole or window. Ranging from 129 to 269 square feet, these rooms are available with the Bella and Fantastica packages.

Balcony Cabins: Private Outdoor Space

MSC's balcony cabins provide a private balcony, adding extra space to the 129 to 205 square feet interior. These cabins are bookable with the Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea experiences. MSC's newest ships also offer connecting balcony rooms for larger groups.

Suites: More Perks and Luxury

MSC offers a variety of suites with different sizes and amenities. Ranging from 183 to 420 square feet, these rooms come with balconies or panoramic windows. Some suites even have whirlpool tubs. Suites are available with the Fantastica and Aurea packages.

MSC Yacht Club: Exclusive Luxury

The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive area on select ships, offering a range of suite accommodations. These rooms come with butler and concierge services, luxurious furnishings, and access to members-only areas. Yacht Club suite types range from insides to two-deck duplexes.


MSC Cruises provides a wide range of cabin types and pricing options to suit any budget or style of cruising. With function, style, and comfort in mind, MSC ensures that all passengers have an enjoyable experience, regardless of the cabin type they choose.

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