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United Airlines Introduces Walk-Up Snack Bar on New Airbus A321neo Jet

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United Airlines brings a new feature to their fleet

If you're a frequent flyer on United Airlines, you'll be happy to know that the newest member of their fleet, the Airbus A321neo, will be offering a walk-up grab-and-go snack station. This will be the first mainline jet to offer economy passengers this convenient snack option.

What can you expect from the snack station?

The walk-up snack bar will be stocked with complimentary water and snacks, including That's It bars, Undercover chocolate quinoa crisps, and a savory snack mix. However, it's important to note that the items available will be limited and will vary based on the flight distance. So, make sure to grab your snacks early as they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Following in the footsteps of JetBlue

United Airlines seems to be taking inspiration from JetBlue's "pantries" with the introduction of their walk-up snack bar. JetBlue's pantries also offer complimentary snacks and drinks on their largest planes that fly medium- and long-haul missions.

What else does the Airbus A321neo offer?

Aside from the walk-up snack bar, the Airbus A321neo will feature a signature interior similar to other new and retrofitted jets, such as the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A319. Passengers can expect seat-back screens with Bluetooth connectivity, larger overhead bins, power outlets and USB ports at each seat, and more.

The A321neo will have 20 first-class recliners, 57 extra-legroom Economy Plus seats, and 123 economy seats. The aircraft will also sport the Airbus Cabin Flex fuselage, which means it will have four cabin doors and four overwing window exits. United has also added a mid-cabin lavatory and Airbus XL overhead bins to accommodate passengers.

When can you experience the Airbus A321neo?

The inaugural flight of the Airbus A321neo is scheduled for Thursday, November 30th, from Houston to Chicago. After that, the aircraft will primarily be deployed on domestic routes.

Check out the map above to see the initial routes that United has planned for the A321neo in the coming months.

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