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MSC Yacht Club vs. Average Cruiser: What’s the Difference at Ocean Cay?

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Access to High-End Amenities

Passengers booked in MSC Cruises' Yacht Club cabins and suites have access to exclusive perks both on the ship and off.

The Exclusive Yacht Club Beach

Yacht Club passengers get access to the exclusive Ocean House Beach, where lounge chairs and umbrellas are free.

Food and Dining

Yacht Club travelers enjoy upscale beach vibes at the Ocean House Restaurant, with a menu featuring gourmet dishes.

Private Cabanas

Yacht Club passengers can book exclusive cabanas on Ocean Cay, with options ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Tram Service

Yacht Club cruisers have access to dedicated trams that run between the entrance to Ocean Cay and the beach area.

Activities and Entertainment

While the exclusive Yacht Club areas are peaceful, all the action and entertainment takes place in the public spaces accessible to everyone.

The Bottom Line

The MSC Yacht Club experience offers exclusivity and luxury, but the island's public spaces offer a great day for anyone who enjoys the beach.

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