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The Marvels Fails at the Box Office, But It’s Not a Bad Movie

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The Marvels, the highly anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel, has been receiving negative reviews due to its disappointing box office performance. However, the film itself is far from a failure. It offers an exciting crossover story filled with action, heart, and humor, all in a fast-paced one hour and 45-minute runtime. Additionally, The Marvels provides important insights into the greater Multiverse Saga, finally acknowledging the Avengers in a way that fans have been craving.

The Box Office Disappointment

Despite high expectations, The Marvels fell short at the box office, earning only $110 million globally, with $63 million coming from international markets. This is significantly lower than the first movie in the franchise, Captain Marvel, which made $455 million globally in its opening weekend and surpassed $1 billion in total. The Marvels also opened below Disney's estimated $140 million and is considered one of the worst premieres in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A Movie Worth Your Time

Despite its box office performance, The Marvels delivers an engaging and entertaining experience. The film's fast pace ensures that viewers won't feel like their time is wasted. It also features a compelling epilogue and credits scene that contribute to the overall story of the Multiverse Saga.

Challenges Faced by the Film

Several factors affected The Marvels' promotion and reception. The film's release coincided with the end of an actors' strike, preventing its biggest stars from promoting the movie in the US and worldwide. Additionally, certain sections of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom hold biases against movies and shows with female protagonists. Marvel's declining quality and superhero fatigue also played a role in the film's lukewarm reception.

Addressing the Avengers

One of the film's strengths is its direct connection to the Avengers and the wider MCU. The Marvels finally acknowledges the Avengers and their impact, which is something fans have been demanding. The movie successfully integrates the Avengers without relying on expensive cameos, providing a satisfying sense of continuity.

Connecting the Dots

The Marvels fits seamlessly into the MCU timeline, occurring right after the events of Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion. The film's credits scene is a continuation of Ms. Marvel, and it ties into Nick Fury's mission in space. The inclusion of various cameos, such as Valkyrie, further enhances the Avengers' presence.

Setting the Stage for the Multiverse Saga

The Marvels serves as a crucial stepping stone in the development of the Multiverse Saga. It introduces new elements, such as the concept of space jump points and alternate realities, which have significant implications for the future of the MCU. The film's epilogue and credits scene hint at the upcoming developments and the role of characters like Monica Rambeau.


While The Marvels may have fallen short at the box office, it is far from a bad movie. It offers an exciting and engaging story, successfully integrates the Avengers, and sets the stage for the Multiverse Saga. Fans of the MCU should not overlook the film's merits, despite its underwhelming performance.

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