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Will Humane’s Ai Pin Succeed Without Visual Experience?

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Introduction: Introducing Humane's Ai Pin

Humane's Ai Pin is a wearable AI device that you can wear on your clothing, resembling a tiny iPhone or a larger Apple Watch when viewed from the front. With a unique design and interesting features, it aims to revolutionize the AI computing experience.

The Importance of Visual Experience

While the Ai Pin boasts impressive AI capabilities and the ability to answer questions and perform tasks, it lacks the visual experience that smartphones provide. As visual beings, we rely on screens to enhance our interactions with technology. The Ai Pin alone may not be able to replace smartphones.

AR Glasses: The Missing Link

To truly enhance the Ai Pin's capabilities, Humane could consider pairing it with smart AR glasses. With the addition of such an accessory, users would have a visual experience that could rival that of smartphones. Apple, a company known for innovation, might be the one to deliver such a device.

A Closer Look at the Ai Pin

Contrary to initial impressions, the Ai Pin does have a projectable display that can be used for certain AI experiences. However, it requires initial setup using a computer with a screen, unlike the seamless setup process of iPhones and Android devices. Additionally, all recorded content can only be accessed through Humane's digital platform, which defeats the purpose of wearing AI on your person.

The Rise of AI in Smartphones

While the Ai Pin offers unique features, similar AI capabilities are expected to be integrated into future smartphones, such as the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 16. Companies like Google are also incorporating generative AI features into their devices. While not wearable like the Ai Pin, smartphones offer the advantage of always being able to see what you're interacting with.

The Potential of AR Glasses

Rumors suggest that Apple is working on AR glasses that could potentially replace the iPhone. However, significant innovations are needed to make this standalone device a reality. High-end displays, sound, processing power, and long-lasting battery life are crucial. One possibility is for the AR glasses to rely on an iPhone for processing power, projecting content to the glasses for a seamless visual experience.

The Role of Vision Pro

The Vision Pro, Humane's precursor to AR glasses, is a significant step towards the future of AR technology. While Apple may not be able to build the ideal AR glasses at the moment, the Vision Pro showcases the potential and importance of such devices.

The Challenges of the Ai Pin

Considering the current state of technology, it is unlikely that the Ai Pin will succeed commercially. While it offers interesting AI features, the lack of a visual experience hinders its potential. Users still rely on screens to validate and double-check AI information.

Conclusion: The Need for Visual Enhancement

As consumers, we value the visual experience provided by smartphones. While the Ai Pin presents unique features, it falls short without a visual component. As technology progresses, integrating AI capabilities into smartphones and developing seamless AR glasses could provide the ultimate solution.

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