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Apple Vision Pro 2: New Details Revealed

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Shortly after Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro at WWDC, rumors about its successor started making rounds. Now, MacRumors has shared a report with even more details about the highly anticipated Vision Pro 2.

Design and Features

According to MacRumors, the second-generation headset will bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor, featuring the same curved aesthetics and button placement. However, there will be some notable changes. The speaker will have a new home, and the device is internally known as Project Alaska with the identifier N109.

Early designs of the new headset revealed by sources indicate that the rounded areas housing the speakers on the current model have been replaced with flat and uniform temples. MacRumors also suggests the possibility of an external audio accessory, although specifics are unclear. Additionally, Apple considered two designs for the top vents, one resembling the first-gen Vision Pro and the other featuring two clusters of tiny speaker-type holes.

Other potential changes include simpler rear straps that resemble those found on laptop bags or backpacks. Additionally, Apple may continue with the external battery pack, making it available for the Vision Pro 2 as well.

Project Alaska Hardware Components

MacRumors provided a list of key hardware components for Apple's Project Alaska:

  • Unknown processor
  • Unknown display panels
  • Unknown cameras
  • Unknown sensors
  • Unknown audio components

Release Date and Potential Changes

According to sources, the second-generation Vision Pro is expected to enter the product validation testing (PVT) stage of development in 2025. This suggests a late 2025 or early 2026 release date for the next-generation headset. However, Apple's plans could change based on various factors, including the success of the first-gen Vision Pro.