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Apple Rumored to Revamp Siri with Generative AI Features for iPhone 16

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Apple's Ultimate Virtual Assistant

According to a Korean blog Naver, Apple is planning to completely revamp Siri with generative AI features for the upcoming iPhone 16. The company is said to be using a Large Language Model to transform Siri into the "ultimate virtual assistant" that will be accessible across all Apple devices.

First Steps at WWDC 2024

The new generative AI capabilities of Siri are expected to be showcased at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2024. It is speculated that the revamped Siri will be available as a standard feature on all iPhone 16 models.

New Chip or iOS Function?

It remains unclear whether the revamped Siri will require a new chip with a better Neural Engine or if it will be integrated as part of the iOS 18 function. Previous rumors have suggested that Siri's upgrade would be an iOS 18 function.

Specific Features for iPhone 16 Users?

With the upcoming iPhone 16 series expected to feature A18 and A18 Pro chips, Apple may offer specific generative AI features tailored to these users. Similar to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, iPhone 16 users could potentially ask Siri to log Health entries on-device without relying on Apple servers.

Following Samsung's Lead

Samsung recently unveiled Gauss, its own generative AI function for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. As more companies embrace generative AI, it is expected that Apple will not miss the opportunity to showcase its own capabilities. Apple's CEO has previously mentioned the company's focus on these features during earnings calls.

Both WWDC 2024 and Apple's September event are anticipated platforms for Apple to introduce and highlight its all-new assistant with generative AI features. Stay tuned to BGR for the latest news on Apple's iPhone 16 and generative AI functions.